opinie Czerwony Wieprz
Chef recommends
Warming autumn tea
spiced with orange and fresh raspberries enriched with honey, cinnamon, ginger, colves and rosemary.
Figs and boletus mushrooms baked with gorgonzola cheese on a rye flatbread
served with rocket salad and beetroot pesto
Pumpkin cream soup with beluga lentils and boletus mushrooms 21,-
Pan-fried boletus and oyster mushrooms with shallots
in a cream sauce served with Korycinski cheese toasts
Grilled pike-perch on rosemary sauce served with spinach – boletus tartlet 55,-
Grilled Angus entrecote served with spinach-boletus toasts,
pepper sauce and potatoes fried with oyster mushrooms
Half of a farmhouse roasted chicken with crispy fries, white cabbage salad
and homemade sauces: mustard and plum BBQ
Slow-cooked pears in red wine syrup served on chocolate flatbread
with Italian meringue and rowan sorbet
Dessert recommended with a shot 2cl of SASKA Vodka – CHERRIES ON RUM 5,-

Allergen information available on request.