opinie Czerwony Wieprz
Chef recommends
Kinley Ginger Ale
Saska czysta / Saska wiśnia / lemon juice / Angostura
Warming winter tea
spiced with orange and fresh raspberries enriched with honey and rosemary.
Mulled wine with honey, vanilla and cinnamon. 22,-
Grilled shrimps with spicy mango chutney and herbal toast.
Oriental beef tartare with ginger and roasted sesame seeds. 36,-
Coconut soup with shrimps and rice noodles. 21,-
Grilled salmon steak on saffron sauce and salad with grilled fennel. 56,-
Grilled Angus steak with oyster butter
and spicy red wine sauce served with carrot and celery puree
Orange parfait with chocolate flavored
with Saskavodka “Orange with a hint of Bourbon”

Allergen information available on request.