opinie Czerwony Wieprz
Chef recommends
Kinley Ginger Ale
Saska czysta / Saska wiśnia / lemon juice / Angostura
Spring tea
spiced with orange and fresh raspberries enriched with honey and rosemary.
Mulled wine with honey, vanilla and cinnamon. 22,-
Spring salad with quail egg and toasts with smoked catfish. 36,-
Sorrel soup with hardboiled egg and roasted baby potatoes with dill  19,-
Roasted pike perch on spinach with butter
served chive sauce and horseradish puree.
Grilled rabbit sadle on boletus sauce with dried tomatoes and dill
served with beetroot dumplings stuffed with goast cream cheese
A duo of cream cheesecakes, vanilla
and with nuts served with orange marmalade, physalis and chocolate parfait
Dessert recommended with a shot 2cl of SASKA Vodka – COFFEE WITH A HINT OF BRANDY 5,-

Allergen information available on request.