opinie Czerwony Wieprz
Chef recommends
Mulled wine with honey, vanilla and cinnamon 22,-
Warming winter tea
spiced with orange and fresh raspberries enriched with honey, cinnamon, ginger, colves and rosemary
Smoked catfish roasted with Korycinski cheese and eggplant cream in rye flatbread
served with a bouquet of lettuce and lemon vinaigrette
Cream of roasted peppers and tomatoes
served with goat cheese and thyme toast
Baked salmon steak with nut and mustard crumble served with bison grass sauce
and roasted sweet potato with sour cream
Confit goose leg served with lavender sauce, fried potato dumplings
and red cabbage salad with rose vinegar and green apples
Half of a farmhouse roasted chicken with crispy fries, white cabbage salad
and homemade sauces: mustard and plum BBQ
Caramel-yogurt cake with peanut ice cream and quince sauce

Allergen information available on request.