opinie Czerwony Wieprz


If you would like to spend time in an unusual way, in a great atmosphere and in a venue with a unique communist style for the Party’s elite, we warmly invite you to Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem (The Inn Under The Red Hog).The Inn is a place where you can enjoy theculinary specialties of traditional Polish and international cuisine from the PRL times (Polish People’s Republic) and discover or rediscover the secrets of dishes from old socialist countries. Oberża Pod Czerwonym Wieprzem is a one of its kind, most original and most extraordinary restaurant in Warsaw.

Our restaurant, with its unusual elegance and sense of humor, brings together the best values of a Polish table from times which are fortunately over, with real Polish hospitality and a historical spirit.

Our best chefs will take you on a unique culinary trip back to the PRL times.

We offer to organize various types of events, such as elegant banquets in the style of meetings of high dignitaries, as well as informal parties in the climate of a jolly communist feast.

Each time, we put all the effort into insuring that our guests have their best time in our restaurant and are left with unforgettable memories. Our effortsare rewarded by the loyalty of our customers. Each offer is prepared individually in order to satisfy all, even the most unusual, wishes of our guests. Our staff is always ready to offer helpful and professional advice.

An early reservation and choice of the menu will allow us to deliver a prompt and optimal service.

We also offer catering services